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Travel photography: How I took the shot – Chateau de Savennes


This might not strike you as an image that is very special or remarkable in any way but it serves a purpose.. 😉 You see, one of the things we all encounter during travel- and more specifically travel photography is the problem of light and shadows. And the further you get into the southern areas of the world, the worse that problem becomes. Although I think it is pretty harsh here sometimes too.

Now if you look at this image here, this is taken around 6 pm, so the light was much softer as it would have been had I taken this same image around 1 pm. The shadows would be completely black; showing no detail and the lighter areas would have run a high risk of being overexposed.  It’s hard managing that when you’re out and about, as you cannot control the weather.

I always, always prefer an overcast day when it comes to taking images such as this. Not too grey preferably but something bright but overcast is totally perfect.

Delen is fijn!

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