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Muji store Berlijn

Muji store Berlijn |

We’ve  been running around Berlin trying to see as much as possible in the very limited time we have here and there is so much to see and do that it’s hard to see it all. Today we did a lot of different areas and prepare for some other cool places soon but for today I want to share the Muji store.

I kind of have to do with IPhone photos when working on my iPad so the majority of updates on cool restaurants, sights and such will follow once I’m back but I took pics with my iPhone here so Muji it is.

You know I have a serious weakness for notebooks and props right? Well you’ve come to the right place if you go to Muji. Downstairs they have some cool stationary and upstairs some really beautiful props. I was happy in a way I had to carry it all day otherwise I would have gone bankrupt from shopping there.

Muji store Berlijn |

The bowls and plates are all beautiful and basic, so perfect for shooting and the notebooks and little fun things are all perfect for making notes.. Haha… I did buy a lot of stuff in the Moleskine store next door… But I’ll be back for sure!

Muji store

Muji store Berlijn |


Delen is fijn!

Simone van den Berg

Simone van den Berg

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  1. Lis

    I LOVE Muji!!!!! Stijltechnisch wat mij betreft de Hema van Japan ☺️ Prachtig in de eenvoud en betaalbaar. Maar goed dat ze niet in Nederland zitten….

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