Mijn eerste onderwater camera was er nog eentje met een filmrolletje. En dat was meteen het lastige, want ik had geen idee of dat wat ik onderwater fotografeerde er goed uit zou zien. Tot ik thuis kwam en meestal erg teleurgesteld was als ik de resultaten zag. Onderwater fotografie is namelijk extreem moeilijk!

Het water beweegt en zorgt er voor dat objecten verder weg of dichterbij lijken als ze echt zijn. Dus ik was heel blij toen de onderwater compact camera’s steeds goedkoper werden en makkelijker om aan te schaffen.

Mijn eerste was de  Canon powershot D10, which I had for years and than upgraded about two years ago to the Canon powershot D20. There is a new one out in the meantime, the D30 but not sure it makes enough of a difference so I’ll stick to what I have.


I like the looks. It’s a strange shape but the color is so,etching else and ok-ish. I use it quite often when we’re on vacation as it’s handy to have with you when you’re out at night for instance. On the other hand, the photos it takes at night are – quite frankly – horrible.
And depending on your reference point, the rest is just ok.
So why do I even bother bringing it with me you might wonder. Well, I like the size plus I like the ability to use it underwater. It’s also extremely handy for those situations when you don’t want to take out the big guns.
For instance in a not so stable canoe, on a boat with lots of spraying water, while rafting…. The list goes on. So for those moments it’s perfect.


Don’t expect major quality but for quick snaps it’s fine. I do feel it tends to overexpose at some moments and the color can be slightly off balance when shooting underwater but overall it’s a decent camera. Just don’t look too closely at image quality (as I tend to do) as it will not be of the same level as an SLR. It locks perfectly so I haven’t had any issues with water leaking or something like that.

There are plenty of other camera’s out there that you can check so for more elaborate reviews you can check here.

The Canon Powershot D20 is no longer for sale new but the next model up is the Canon Powershot D30 which you can get for roughly 269 euro.


Delen is fijn!